Extension Activity

A group of sixteen students from IIS University, went to India International School, Sitapura on 23rd February, 2018 to perform two Nukkad Nataks for creating awareness among students. The performance covered two major topics namely hazards of excessive honking by vehicles and respecting our mother tongue. In the first phase the performers got to perform in front of a huge audience of around 200. Firstly the performance was for children of the IIS school, Sitapura for the awareness of harms of blowing horn which was done by the nukkad natak named ‘Horn Not OK Please’. It concentrated on noise pollution created by vehicles and also explained ways to avoid it. The second performance was on the topic of respecting once own mother tongue. The Nukkad Natak named ‘Matrabhasha’ was performed which made students understand the importance of respecting one’s own mother tongue because if one would not be respectful himself then he cannot expect other to be respectful. The performances were followed by an interactive session with the students where they were asked to share their opinions about the performances and the concerned topics. It ended with a promise by the students that they will not let their parents blow horn unnecessary on traffic signals, in jams and around hospitals, schools etc. The students also understood that speaking English is important to excel in today’s world but need not come with degrading the importance of our mother tongue.