Departmental Activities

Workshop On Basics Of Recording Techniques 11 March 2020 View Report
Workshop Of Semi Classical Dance Form 22 Feb 2020 View Report
Extension Activity  27-Feb-19 View Report
Tapping To tHE Beats Semi Classical Dance Workshop 19 Feb 2019 View Report
Serenity  12-Feb-19 View Report 
Mask Making Workshop 29-Jan-19 View Report 
Costume Design  19-Jan-19 View Report
Shadow Pupperitary 15 & 16 January 2019 View Report
Sadgati  10-Sep-18 View Report
Demonstraion On Introduction To Contemprary Music 20 Aug 2018 View Report
Fresher's Day RADIANCE  10 Aug 2018 View Report
Annual Day VIRASAT 17 April 2018 View Report
Workshop On Technical aspects of Recording 12 April 2018 View Report
Folk Music Workshop  5 March 2018 View Report
Extension Activity  23-Feb-18 View report
Annual Play  26 Sep 2017 View Report
Workshop On Basicsi of Semi Classical Vocal Music 21 Aug 2017 View Report
Music Workshop 4 April 2017 View Report
Contemprary Dance Workshop 5 Feb 2017 View Report
Flash Mob Activity By Shruti Misra 10 Sep 2016 View Report
Annual Play Workshop 1 Sep 2016 View Report
Virasat Annual Day 14 March 2016 View Report
Fresher's Day  22 Aug 2015 View Report
KRITI Mehendi Competition 13 Aug 2015 View Report
Annual Play Workshop  4 Aug 2015 View Report