The IISU Theatrical Society organised a play called “Serenity” on 12th February, 2019 in Adiya Hall. The Play was performed by the students of COSD diploma students of Theatre Studies course. It was directed by Ms. Mumal Tanwar and the cast were had Ms. Cherish Rajpurohit, Ms. Madhavi Agrawal, Ms. Alisha Asija and Ms. Nandini Nagar. The guitar was played by Ms. Kritika Kulshreshtha and the sound was managed by Ms. Shubhangi Mittal. The play started with the hosting by Ms. Priyal Mathur. The play was based on devised theatre, it was an experimental form on which they were improvising from one month.

The theme of the play revolved around the monotony and the greyness of life . It showed how we have forgotten our inner self and how we look up to materialistic things to give us happiness and how after some time all get frustrated which leads to anger and a feeling of emptiness.

The play concluded by showing how in a moment of reflection, people pull out every negativity in their life and remember their loved ones. They write letters to the people that matter and encourage the audience to do so as well.  The actors were overwhelmed because of the never ending appreciation from the audience. Then, the Director concluded with a note of thanks to the Theatrical Society and the audience filled the “wall of review”.